The Foundation continues to organize and initiate a series of Talks and Lectures on themes such as spirituality, education and service, that have become increasingly relevant to our everyday life and living.

The Specialist’s Take: Distinguished Lecture Series
Talk by Prakash Amte: ‘Bringing Real Development to Real India’
Talk by Robert Thurman: ‘Why Tibet Matters’
Discussion with Dr John Stanley: 'Effects of Global Warming on China, Tibet and India'
Major Schools of Indian Philosophy: A Monthly Lecture Series (Jan.2013-14)
Women On Path: A Monthly Talk Series (Oct.2012-March.2013)
Yogis: The Mystic Masters: A Monthly Film and Talk Series (Nov.2006-May 2007)
To Serve: A Talk Series (Sept. 2004- Aug. 2006)
Peacemakers: A Talk Series (Sept. 2003- July 2004)
Sadhana: A Talk Series (July 2003- Jan.2004)
Creeds of Our Times (1998-2001)