Scholar of Peace Fellowships
Administered by the WISCOMP initiative, the Scholar of Peace Fellowship Program encouraged innovative, multi-disciplinary and theoretical engagement and research on issues that emerge at the inter-section of the discourses on gender, security and conflict transformation. The Fellowships were seen as an important step to encourage more women and men to work in these crucial areas. The fellowships, ranged from three months to one year and were awarded under three categories:

Academic Research Fellowships
Special Projects
Take Off Grants

Take Off Grants by the Foundation encourage young Tibetans to better articulate and express themselves, share their personal experiences of exile, nostalgia and yearning for their homeland, their dreams and aspirations for the future. Recipients are encouraged to use different mediums such as essays, novels, short films, poetry, music, painting, photography and theatre. Space to publish, curate and present these at various festivals and exhibitions is also provided.