In a region where faith mediates several aspects of everyday life, the Interfaith Dialogue and Pilgrimage programme, organized annually, provides a space for young participants to reflect on their own faith traditions, build cross-cultural understanding and encourage spiritual growth through collective exploration.

Participants go through an experiential journey that spans different religious beliefs and practices. While staying in monasteries, ashrams and other spiritual centers, selected participants commit time exploring the basic tenets of Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and other lesser-known faiths.

They interact with religious philosophers and masters who share with them religious tenets and spiritual practices.

The programme includes lectures, discussions and films on the rituals and history of religious practices.

The programme offers a space for dialogue among diverse faith and cultural traditions to nurture pluralism and active coexistence.

“The Interfaith programme has in many, direct as well as indirect ways added a lot to me as a person and my life. After meeting and being with people who radiate such positive energy I feel I am able to stand by my convictions with more strength. It is like I have a feeling that tells me it is okay to think differently and to follow that feeling rather than be cajoled by others.”

– Aditi Raina, Psychology Student