A Synergy of Psychological, Neuroscientific, and Contemplative Perspectives

In the twentieth century, science has become the dominant paradigm for understanding the natural world by way of objective, quantitative measurements, using the instruments of technology. The integration of scientific knowledge and technology has vastly contributed to our understanding of the physical world and to improving the human standard of life. His Holiness envisions a closer relationship between science and religion with a view to build a scientific understanding of how to cultivate a mind of compassion and wisdom. The Foundation co organized and facilitated the Mind and Life Conferences where eminent scholars, scientists and religious leaders engaged in a dialogue; In Dharamsala and New Delhi on the themes of Attention, Memory and the Mind and Contemplative Science: The Scientific Study of the Effect of Contemplative Practice on Human Biology and Behavior.

Exploring Mind Science
Mind and Life XVIII, Dharamshala (2009)
Mind and Life XXII
The Path to Happiness (November, 2009)
Attending to life (September, 2003)